Versatile - #1 Roblox Botting Tool - Versatile

Versatile v2 - The only Roblox Botting Tool you need

The most Versatile Roblox automation tool.
Gain access to 35+ tools/features for only $19.50.

Get started quickly

We include proxies & cookies, get started with almost all features immediately.

Lightning fast

All tools are multi-threaded, enjoy blazing speed without needing a supercomputer.

30+ Unique Tools

Enjoy using Versatile for your botting needs, with a friendly support team to guide you through the process.

Automate tasks & bot with Versatile

With exclusive features such as a Like Bot, Message Bot, Follow/Group Bot, Cookie Refresher & Mass Reporter, Versatile is a unique tool that you won’t come across elsewhere.

Affordable Price

If you need a botting tool that does it best, at an afffordable price, our tool is for you.

Plenty of tools

Our most popular features include: Account Generator, Like Bot, Model Sales Bot, Follow Bot, Favorite Bot & we have plenty more. All packed into a single program.


1300+ Buyers, 300+ Vouches.
Versatile is the biggest & longest running multi-tool for Roblox.

Our favorite reasons to buy Versatile

Our team has worked extensively to bring you these features, we believe in bringing the best product possible to our buyers.

With our hashed account & HWID whitelist system, we can ensure your data is kept safe.

Each tool in Versatile is built to be fast, efficient & of high quality. We have speeds seen no-where else.

Fast as lightning. Our Model Sales Bot is guaranteed to be the fastest publically available.

Highly customizable. With our config file, you can select different modes & speeds for each tool.

Our friendly support team can guide you through the process & offer advice.

Store images, videos & files and share them across the internet via our ShareX image host.

Our Features List

Simple pricing



per thousand

Versatile (Crypto)



Versatile (Other)



Frequently asked questions

Have any more questions? Our support team are here to help.

Do you support Linux & MacOS?

Versatile is designed to run on Windows, however it is possible to run it on Linux via Wine. This is in alpha, most features should be working however we cannot provide a guarantee.

What payment methods do you support?

We support PayPal, Cryptocurrency & Card Payments.
We also support Amazon US/UK & Steam US £20/$20 giftcards (go to our discord for that).

Are cookies & proxies included?

Yes, you can use them for getting started however we recommend using your own. We supply 12,000 cookies (shared by everyone), rotated every 12 hours & a rotating proxy server.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund & privacy policy can be seen if you clicked "Policies/Terms of Service" from the menu bar. If you have any further inquires, feel free to contact support.

Where can I contact your support team?

You can contact us via [email protected], however for a quicker response, we strongly recommend to make a support ticket in our Discord server (found in the top menu).

Where can I see the entire feature list?

Click the title above to view the feature list.