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These are generated/made by a bot, they are perfect for botting & to use as alts.
They are guaranteed to be valid upon delivery.

Price: $4/1k – Any payment method

They are provided in the user:pass:cookie format, so they are able to be Email Verified & reset if needed.
All cookies are fresh & have never been resold.

If you need any support for these cookies please join the Versatile Discord server –

We allow a max of 20000 cookies per order due to file size restrictions.
If you’d like to purchase more cookies, just make another order 🙂

Please ensure that if you are checking with Versatile, and do not live in the EU, that you check the cookies with ultra mode disabled with EU proxies only (Proxy Pool works), otherwise they will be killed.

All cookies are made within the EU.

6 reviews for Cookies

  1. David Nguyen

    highly recommend buying from this shop, they are promising on their service and are quick with delivering

  2. Harv Playz (verified owner)

    Very Good Cookies all valid!

  3. istaf irdafe ltdaf (verified owner)

    vewy gud but I didn’t get 10k cookies instead it’s 9913 so check on the server channel this is the link

  4. Zer0

    10/10 Best Cookies

  5. Bob (verified owner)

    This is the best cookies and i got them very fast.

  6. ven (verified owner)

    Great cookies!

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